It may be sooner than you think.

There are a few considerations that should be taken both aesthetic and practical in order to properly answer this question. Here are a couple of helpful rules bear in mind:

First, you paint a home when it needs it!  Peeling, discoloration, and even layers of dust are signals that your house could use a fresh coat. Sometimes, you have to go with your gut. Check the stucco, siding and the trim on your home’s exterior, this is generally the first areas to start failing. Many make the mistake of only retouching the trim when it looks worn down. The trouble with this is that once the trim begins to go, the rest will shortly follow.

As a rule of thumb, five to ten years is the amount of time that most houses need fresh exterior painting.

People wanting to sell their home should always paint. Statistics prove that repainting your house is one the surest formulas to increase its selling potential and value. Not only does new painting protect your home from the elements, it also makes it appear fresh and new.

Finally, it depends on the paint. If you used a cheap paint the first time around, don’t be surprised if discoloration and peeling start to appear after a year or two. This won’t happen with more advanced paints (assuming they’re applied correctly). Save yourself some time and money, have it done correctly the first time around.

One last bit of advice that’s worth pointing out is that the longer you put off painting your home, the harder, and more expensive the job will be. Construction materials used today generally need a constant and strong barrier from the weather to keep them from swelling and contracting. Keep your paint fresh and strong and the surface below will have a longer life and cause you fewer problems in the long run.

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