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Painting is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to completely rejuvenate your interior space. High quality interior painting can bring freshness, color, excitement, and vitality to a home. A professionally painted room that is properly maintained can last well over a decade.

Perfection Plus Painting spends a considerable amount of time preparing interior surfaces for painting. Thorough preparation is a vital step for achieving professional results and is often the most overlooked. Without preparation, good  looking, long lasting results are impossible. It all begins with the protection of your furniture, floors and possessions. Small items are removed and large items are moved and covered. Once everything is protected, all walls, ceilings, and woodwork are sanded smooth and vacuumed free of dust. All nail pops, cracks, and defective areas are then repaired. All repaired areas are vacuum sanded to eliminate dust. Vacuum sanding is extremely important and a customer favorite. Long gone are the days when dust covers everything in sight. Gaps in woodwork are then caulked and any holes filled. All repaired areas are primed before any finish paint is applied.

Ceilings are then generally painted first. Contrary to what some people may think, there is aInterior Painting Bergen County NJ | Interior Painter Bergen County New Jersey difference between paint used on walls and paint used for ceilings. It’s usually a flat finish and slightly less durable than wall paint, since it’s not subjected to the same stresses and doesn’t generally need to be washed. The only exception may be a kitchen or bathroom ceiling. Given those points, it’s important to remember that while paint normally used for walls can be used on ceilings, paint that’s specially designed for ceilings should not be used on walls, as it won’t provide the needed durability. We only uses quality premium ceiling paint to ensure a high-quality ceiling finish.

Woodwork and trim are finished next. Satin-gloss paint is most often used on doors, trim, and cabinets. It is easily cleaned, levels nicely, and has a durable subtle shine. Years ago the only way to achieve superior results was to use an oil based product. This is simply not the case anymore. Today’s waterborne enamels have advanced to the point where it is possible to say that they will outperform the old alkyd/ oil base finishes. Waterborne paints have minimal odor, will not discolor over time, and dry quickly. Again preparation is the key. All woodwork is sanded smooth, caulked, and vacuumed free of dust. This is another area where experience and high quality paint makes all the difference. Our finished trim is incredibly smooth and extremely durable.

Walls are next. Flat, Matte and Eggshell are the most common finishes for walls. Choosing a long-lasting, high quality paint can make a big difference in how often you’ll need to repaint.

Flat finish paint. There’s no shine or sheen to the finish, making it ideal for walls and Interior Painting Bergen County NJ | Interior Painter Bergen County New Jerseyceilings where you don’t want any visual distractions. Flat paint works well on walls that have imperfections. This makes it ideal for older houses. On the downside, flat paint is easily marked. Although some marks can be removed with a damp cloth it may not be suitable for high traffic areas.

Matt finish or Matte enamel is very much like flat paint, but tends to be far more durable. It’s much easier to clean and rarely needs retouching, giving it a great advantage, especially if you have young children. This is our most commonly used finish.

Eggshell is another popular interior paint finish. It’s one you can use on most walls, although some people use it sparingly because of its higher sheen. Eggshell paint shows all the imperfections on a wall and achieving an even coverage will often require additional wall preparation. On the positive side, eggshell offers a hard finish, and is suitable for heavy use. It is also excellent for use in kitchens, and bathrooms where you’ll regularly need to wipe walls.

Besides those listed, there are many specialty coatings. Mildew resistant paint for high humidity areas, chalkboard paint, metallic, crackle, masonry, metal, the list goes on. Perfection Plus Painting is familiar with all of these products, and application procedures.

Once the paint has been chosen, the walls and trim are then painted to our rigorous standards. Upon completion all areas are thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed, and furniture put back in place. Additional cleaning will not be required. The only requirement will be to enjoy your new room.

Since you have taken the time to read all of this, you obviously care about maintaining your home. If Perfection Plus sounds like the type of company you’d like to hire, Contact Us today.

Interior Painting Bergen County NJ | Interior Painter Bergen County New Jersey


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Interior Painting Bergen County NJ | Interior Painter Bergen County New Jersey


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